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DataSure24 is an extension of your security team.

We see ourselves as a cybersecurity partner, tiering your security program around any requirements and needs. 

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How Can I Strengthen My Security?

  • Educate employees about cybersecurity risks

  • Scanning locates vulnerabilities that hackers can utilize 

  • Penetration Testing will reveal any remaining gaps accessible to hackers

  • Monitoring provides real-time event data & alarms for breach attempts

  • Active incident response

  • Clear policies & procedures will provide clarity for your IT team and manage risk

  • Ensures the organization has the necessary security measures, controls, policies & procedures in place

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What Happens If I'm Having a Security Incident?

Containment Guidance

Damage Assessment


Remediation Eradication

Post Incident Activity

  • Identify hacker activity
  • Determine an appropriate containment strategy 
  • Identify & evaluate impacted systems 
  • Investigate what data was accessed & who was responsible 
  • Restore & return affected systems and devices into your business environment
  • Test and verify that infected systems are fully restored
  • Systemically remove the issue from your systems
  • Present a plan of action to remediate and close security gaps identified during the incident response
  • Supply a detailed report reviewing the entire incident response process 
  • A meeting can be conducted to debrief and cover the scope of the incident
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The average employee visits a phishing domain once every three days - KnowBe4

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