As a Virtual or V-CISO, we will be responsible for overseeing and implementing our client's information and cybersecurity program, and enforcing relevant policies. The V-CISO will review all of FCNY's policies and procedures to confirm that they are in accordance with Independent Heath's requirements. 

The V-CISO will be the cornerstone that ties all other utilized services already in place at your organization, and the cybersecurity program together. The V-CISO service will include the following responsibilities:

  • Cybersecurity Program Oversight, Monitoring and Administration

  • Periodic Reporting and Annual Assessment of the Cybersecurity Program

  • Cybersecurity Risk Planning, Scoping, Coordination and Review

  • Cybersecurity Event Incident Response

At DataSure24, we typically focus on a 4 phase methodology to deliver V-CISO services to our clients.

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