NY Shield Act Checklist


Do you have a designated individual who coordinates the security program?

Does your organization have a method(s) in place to identify internal and external vulnerabilities?

Does your organization conduct risk assessments? 

Does your organization train employees in security program best practices and procedures?

Do you Select capable service providers and require safeguards by contract?

Do you adjust the program in light of business changes or new circumstances? 


Does your organization assess risks in network and software design?

Does your organization assess risks in information processing, transmission, and storage?

Does your organization have a system in place to detect, prevent and respond to attacks or system failures? 

Does your organization regularly test and check the effectiveness of key controls, systems, and procedures?


Does your organization assess risks of information storage and disposal?

Do you have a system in place to detect, prevent and respond to intrusions?

Does your organization protect against unauthorized access/use of private information during or after collection, transportation, and disposal? 

Does your organization dispose of private information within a reasonable amount of time after it is no longer needed for business purposes? 

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