People represent the greatest potential security weakness in any organization. Educating employees about cybersecurity risks is an important part of any organization’s strategy to reduce its exposure to potential threats.

Our team can assess your employees’ current cybersecurity awareness and develop a cybersecurity training solution that fits your organization and its culture. Our core security training program includes:

Annual Virtual Cybersecurity Training Session

45-minute self-guided training introduces and reinforces concepts with interactive examples. Topics covered are:

  • Password Best PracticesWhy passwords are important and how passwords should be used

  • Email and Browser SecurityHow to spot a phishing attempt and suspicious email messages, ability to identify malware/viruses, and leveraging modern browser safety features

  • Social EngineeringDefining what it is and what to look for

  • Avoiding Malicious DownloadsThe consequences of downloading malicious content, best practices for keeping your machine(s) up to date, and web browsing best practices for better security

  • Physical SecurityThe importance of physical security of your network devices and applications, best practices including identity badges, access cards and screen lock policies

Monthly Phishing Campaigns

Common phishing strategies are simulated in emails sent to employees. Employee actions are recorded and results are compared to a baseline (a phishing campaign sent prior to any training) to establish whether employees are improving or need additional training.

"Clicker" Training Sessions

Employees who failed to identify a phishing threat and clicked on bait during a campaign will receive additional training.

Scam of the Week Email List

News stories relating to security breaches and threats are sent to employees on a weekly basis to raise awareness.

Cybersecurity Training Reporting

Any training & awareness program needs to show meaningful results. We provide data from training sessions and phishing campaigns to demonstrate progress.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Programs

For organizations with more specific concerns, we offer customized packages with enhanced security training features including employee role-based training, smart groups, and vishing (phone phishing).

Are you looking for cybersecurity training for your employees from a Buffalo managed cybersecurity firm that you can trust? Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and one of our professionals will be in touch.

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