Security Assessment

Regardless of how mature an organization's exsisting cybersecurity program is, the first step to improving its posture is to conduct an assessment to evaluate existing strengths and weaknesses. DataSure24's team has experience navigating the complexities of cybersecurity assessments.

Our cybersecurity assessment is based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publication 800-171, a framework that was developed to protect controlled unclassified information in nonfederal organizations. Although many organizations aren't required to comply with NIST 800-171, alignment of security and control structures against this recognized framework is a key step in process maturity and diligence. 

Analyzing Data

DataSure24 Managed Detection and Response Services:

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Incident Detection

  • Incident Response

  • Network Intrusion Detection

  • Host Intrusion Detection

  • File Integrity Monitoring

  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

  • Log Aggregation and Correlation

NIST 800-171 Control Assessment

14 control groups assessed, including; System and Information Integrity, Incident Response, and Awareness and Training

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Host-based monitoring of individual machine activity, creating alarms for any malicious activity

External Vulnerability Assessment

Details the security gaps and vulnerabilities posing threats to public facing network and external infrastructure.

Phishing Test

This tests employees in the threats that could target them in real-life situations.


A report that summarizes and prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk rating is provided with POA&Ms (Plan of Actions and Milestones)