Security Awareness Training  Program For MACF Members

You are receiving this link as an invitation to take part in our security awareness training program. We are offering a complimentary program that includes the below features for members of the Manufacturing Association of Central Florida (MACF) for a limited time.

The program will include

  • Strategy Call - Meeting to discuss the logistics of the training program and to answer any questions.

  • Phishing Campaign- Determines your employees' likelihood of clicking malicious emails or links that could pose a threat to your company.

  • Training Video- Guided 15-20 minute awareness training video that covers password best practices, email and browser security, phishing, avoiding malicious downloads, etc. 

  • Consultation - Review of the phishing campaign results to discuss a path forward for the security of the employees.

Program Availability:
September 1 - October 15, 2022

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