In the event of a cybersecurity breach, it is important to identify critical next steps and minimize the disruption created by the incident. Our cyber incident reponse (IR) team can be deployed in less than 24 hours to coordinate response management, begin containment, assess damage and facilitate the remediation and recovery process.

We will develop a comprehensive cyber incident response plan to contain the incident, eradicate the cause and recover operations. This plan is continuously updated throughout the engagement so that key stakeholders understand what systems were impacted and have the insight into availability, estimated recovery time and overall response progress.

Our cyber incident response process involves:

  • Containment GuidanceThe first step in our approach is to identify attacker activity and determine an appropriate containment strategy. We will deploy technology that will scan the environment for indicators of compromise and will provide continuous monitoring to validate recovery of systems as we move through the containment process. Our main goals are to determine the operational status of infected systems and protect the integrity and availability of critical computing resources where possible.

  • Damage AssessmentOnce the cyber incident has been contained, we will conduct a damage assessment investigation to identify and evaluate impacted systems and applications and define the effect the breach had on the organization. During this investigation, we will identify what data was accessed, who was responsible and the extent to which the attack was successful or unsuccessful. This information will be critical for crafting appropriate communications to internal and external parties such as clients, customers and regulatory authorities.

  • RecoveryThe recovery stage is the process of restoring and returning affected systems and devices back into your business environment. During this time, it’s important to get systems and business operations up and running again without the fear of another breach. Our IR team will help to decide when operations will be restored, test and verify that infected systems are fully restored, continue to monitor for malicious activity, and validate recovery.

  • RemediationEradication is the first step in the remediation process. We will systematically remove the issue from your systems. In addition, we will present a plan of action to mediate and close security gaps identified during the incident response. Our team will work with management to coordinate system restoration using existing corporate contingency plans and can recommend revisions or enhancements to future incident response activities.

  • Post Incident Activity - Lastly, our IR team will assist in finalizing documentation from the incident investigation and remediation and supply a detailed report reviewing the entire incident response process. During this phase, the team gleans insights from the IR process to improve steps in each phase for the future. A meeting can be conducted to debrief and cover the scope of the incident. The IR team may also provide recommendations for improvement in the IR process and how the threat can be contained and eradicated in the future.

Rapid cyber incident response is critical to the safety and success of your organization. DataSure24 has over 15 years of experience serving clients’ technology needs and is SSAE-18 certified and TIA-942 compliant.

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