• Connor Karek

Security Awareness Training-Training Your Users In Social Engineering

As a business, it’s your responsibility to provide training to your users that will aid them in completing their everyday tasks. In almost every industry, users will experience social engineering attacks while performing their duties. It is imperative that your users are trained in these attacks so that they do not fall victim to them and cause damage to your company. Here are some ways that you can train your users to aid them in recognizing these types of attacks:

  • Conduct in-house phishing attacks

There are many free or paid tools on the web that allow you to conduct phishing tests to users. These tools provide valuable hands-on examples that your staff will have to interact with. These are great to see what your users may be susceptible to click on, or to show you what users within your organization may require some additional training to make sure they understand these attacks and how to avoid them properly.

  • Conduct user training (Webinar, policy reading, interactive training, etc.)

There is a large variety of information and training materials online that can be accessed for free that you can use to train your users. This training could be in a webinar format, an interactive training module that users must complete, or a simple reading that they must complete that goes through the dangers of social engineering attacks and what to look out for. Making sure your users are prepared is imperative when it comes to social engineering. 


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