• Kevin Makowski

Staying Informed During COVID-19

During these tumultuous times of COVID-19 it is important to keep yourself and your family informed and safe. Social media and the internet in general are very good about getting information to us quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of it can be false or misleading and during this interim of confusion, mistakes can be made that have a more lasting effect on our society. 

 This is also true in how it may affect your business.  Reacting or overreacting to a threat or vulnerability and not having all of the facts or choices available to you, can lead to making hastily decisions that waste money and resources. 

In response to the disinformation and the hysteria it can cause, the US Department of Justice in their attempts to remain vigilant in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting wrongdoing related to the crisis, have created resources for businesses & citizens. contains helpful information for combating fraud, price gouging and hoarding, as well as information to help keep kids safe while online. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission has also established a website with helpful information to help consumers avoid coronavirus-related scams (

FEMA has also set up a page on their website to help distinguish fact vs. fiction when it comes to COVID news ( This site contains several FAQ’s regarding financial aid, vaccine status, and even if 5G cell phone technology is linked to the cause of coronavirus (spoiler alert, it is not). 

Whenever you come across information that you are uncertain of its validity, be sure to research the topic and see what trusted sources such as government agencies have to say about it. Whether you are a CEO making decisions that will affect thousands of people, or just an at home user contemplating what seems like a threat, research before taking any action!  Stay healthy and stay safe.


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