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Penetration Testing

DataSure24 offers a Penetration Test to attempt to use security gaps to provide a real-world scenario of what could happen if security gaps are left unaddressed.

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Incident Detection

  • Incident Response

  • Network Intrusion Detection

  • Host Intrusion Detection

  • File Integrity Monitoring

  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

  • Log Aggregation and Correlation

Step 1:

Vulnerability Scans are performed to locate gaps and plan attack vectors.


A way or path that someone could take that could result in access to a system.

Step 2:

Real-world scenario of what could happen if gaps are left unaddressed

Step 3:

Manual and automated testing methods are used.

Step 4:

Report is generated with results arranged based on risk to organization

Step 5:

Remediation call is scheduled with the customer to go over results in depth

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