A vulnerability assessment identifies holes that may be used by an attacker to gain entry into a system or steal data from an organization. A penetration test goes one step further. A penetration test seeks to utilize that knowledge discovered from the vulnerability scans, in order to attempt to gain access to the infrastructure and expose the gaps. 

DataSure24 uses automated and manual tools to test the systems and network for any flaws that could be exploited by hackers. Our pen testers will gather information about the target before testing it to identify possible entry points to break in, reporting back the findings to the customer. 

The main idea of performing a penetration test it to identify security weaknesses. Pen testing can also identify gaps in security policies, check on customer's adherence to any compliance requirements they may have, the security awareness level of staff, and the ability to respond to a security breach. 

Once DataSure24 has identified and attempted to exploit the holes in the security posture, a report will be created and provided to the customer's technical team, aggregating the gaps and prioritizing them by risk. The organization can then use these findings to make strategic decisions and prioritize their remediation efforts. 

DataSure24 follows the 5 below phases to complete a penetration test:


1. Planning

Specifying the scope and approach, coordinating with technical contacts.

4. Pentration Testing

Exploitation of vulnerability scan findings, target acquisition

2. Discovery Identification

Specifying the scope and approach, coordinating with technical contacts.

5. Reporting

Review and validation of findings to confirm any vulnerabilities. Report providing recommendations for remediation and future Strategy

3. Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability scanning and planning attack vectors from findings

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