Rapid Incident Response

In the event of a breach it is important to identify critical next steps and minimize the disruption created by the incident. Our incident response (IR) team can be deployed in less than 24 hours to coordinate response management, begin containment, assess damage and facilitate the remediation and recovery process.

We will develop a comprehensive plan to contain the incident, eradicate the cause and recover operations. This plan is continuously updated throughout the engagement so that key stakeholders understand what systems were impacted and have insight into availability, estimated recovery time and overall response progress. Our process involves:

  • Containment Guidance 

  • Damage Assessment 

  • Recovery

  • Remediation Eradication 

  • Post Incident Activity 

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What Happens If I'm Having a Security Incident?

Containment Guidance

Damage Assessment


Remediation Eradication

Post Incident Activity

  • Identify hacker activity
  • Determine an appropriate containment strategy 
  • Identify & evaluate impacted systems 
  • Investigate what data was accessed & who was responsible 
  • Restore & return affected systems and devices into your business environment
  • Test and verify that infected systems are fully restored
  • Systemically remove the issue from your systems
  • Present a plan of action to remediate and close security gaps identified during the incident response
  • Supply a detailed report reviewing the entire incident response process 
  • A meeting can be conducted to debrief and cover the scope of the incident